Well, here are the gory details of my self surrender day. I was very tired as I failed to sleep the night before. I scheduled a cab to take me to prison at 10:30 so i would be early. I called to confirm the cab at 10:15 and I was informed that the only cab driver on duty in Jesup was missing in action. I hitched a ride with a CNBC crew staying at my hotel and they dropped me off at the front gate. I walked in the front door and was told to sit in a chair. I was lead back to receiving and discharge. Total processing time was around one and one half hours. It consisted of fingerprinting, mug shot, strip search, DNA test and filling out lots of forms. The officers were professional and efficient. I was then placed in a holding cell. A Physicians Assistant took down my medical history and performed a TB test. Next, i visited with a dentist who conducted a brief oral exam. I was issued a bag of clothing and told to wait. The Officer then placed me in handcuffs and leg chains. I shuffled out to a waiting van that would take me to prison camp. The van had a driver and another Guard riding shotgun (with a shotgun!). One small problem, the van did not turn left towards the minimum security Prison Camp, it turned right towards the low security prison. I was a bit shocked! My attorney had said I was going to a camp. My first prison consultant (not Justin) confirmed two weeks earlier that I was definitely going to a camp. I guess they were both wrong? I shuffled into the front gate and the door slammed shut behind me. The leg chains were removed, as were the handcuffs. I was escorted to my three man cubicle. I received the top bunk in the triple decker stack. My cubicle is near the bathroom and the microwave area where the new guys are sent as it is the noisiest area on the floor. I have an air conditioning vent right above my head so i sleep with a hat and sweatshirt on. I will see next my counselor next week and find out how i got here? Time to suck it up, deal with the wrong turn and learn the rules of prison life behind double chain link fences and razor wire. Sad Day, but things will get better. I assume this is part of God’s plan as I make amends and seek redemption.

Ken Flaska

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