10 Useful Things I learned during my first 6 Months in Prison!

  1. Place your extra clothes under your super slim mattress to provide additional padding so your hip bones do not hurt as much in the morning.
  2. When someone swears at you and says they are going to kick your ass, walk the other way.
  3. It is not smart for a 63 year old to play flag football with 30 and 40 year old men.
  4. Never let your fellow prisoners know you were an attorney in your prior life. They will never stop pestering you with legal questions.
  5. If your cellie is bi-polar and uses a machine to control his snoring, you are probably going to have some issues.
  6. The guys in prison who act the toughest and make the most noise, are usually not very tough.
  7. Do not get in the habit of sharing your commissary purchases with your fellow inmates. If you do, you will find them at your locker every commissary day
  8. Avoid the television rooms in the evening if you can. They create more problems than enjoyment
  9. You do not have to be friends with all of your fellow prisoners nor should you be
  10. The less personal information you share with your fellow prisoners, the better off you will be. There is no confidentiality in prison.

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