It has been almost a month since I changed my prison location and status. I am now referred to a “a camper” yeah!!!! Trust and believe that I like that title far better than that of “inmate”. It is rather humanizing. Along this journey if you have any sense you will reflect and MOVE on! Sometimes during trials and tribulations we reflect to paralysis and never move forward.

In this life we all face feelings of oppression, depression, joy, gratitude, disgust and the list goes on and on. What we must constantly remember that it’s all TEMPORARY. Well it has to be because LIFE is temporary! I constantly reflect on the good things in my life even in my current state. No need to reflect on the negatives because I face those everyday. The thoughts of failure, dissatisfaction, turmoil, worry, anxiety and that bucket overflows! In my quest to prosper during this time, I reflect on what I heard God tell me on May 10, 2001. As clear as day he told me that “inside of me I possessed EVERYTHING, I needed to make it”! I have always believed it. But it’s one thing to believe and then another to really BELIEVE! What this road is the teast as to whether I really BELIEVE! Everyday I search my inner buckets for the strength, creativity, wisdom and fuel to push past the low hanging fruit of FAILURE. I have always believed that all situations are lessons. Lessons are what days are made of. As long as you have breath you will have lessons. The question is will you pass the lesson on the first try or will you have to have varying degrees of the lesson before you master the purpose of that lesson. In my daily meditation, I ask God to allow me to get it on the first try because there are some lessons you definitely don’t want to repeat. Such as my current lesson. I believe this is one lesson that I will pass with flying colors! Until next time!

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