Positive Thoughts in Federal Prison

Thinking positive thoughts are a natural part of our make-up even for the most pessimistic bunch.  The goal however is to totally saturate your being on a hourly basis with positive thoughts.  If you on the hourly basis are in the spirit of giving thanks and sending...

Something to Think About

As I sit here thinking my mind travels through my great childhood. Although we did not have much money we never knew it. Our house was always full of love, peace and fun. I had the greatest parents in the world and pray that I have been at least half of what they were...

Its Been A While!

Sorry I haven't been writing on my blog for the last couple of months. Since my last entry I have been transferred to Greenville camp. It is a camp for women and located in Greenville, Illinois. I am officially on leg two of my three legged journey. Camp is very...

A New Day

It has been almost a month since I changed my prison location and status. I am now referred to a "a camper" yeah!!!! Trust and believe that I like that title far better than that of "inmate". It is rather humanizing. Along this journey if you have any sense you will...

Talk Is Cheap

I have always believed in  "I can show you better than I can tell you".  My mother use to say :Talk is cheap, anyone can say things, it's the ACTIONS that count"!  I have lived my life by that principle.  We as humans are believable and eloquent with words.  Just look...

Right Before The Relief

It always seems as though things get worse before they get better. Then just at the time you throw your hands up a breakthrough happens. I call that period of time immediately before the relief your "oven period". We all have oven periods. Sometimes its at the oven...

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