A “Holy” Visit

August 11, 2016

In a previous post, I wrote about “Ken’s World”; that quirky, eclectic place where anything can happen. My husband Ken, of course, is the King of Ken’s World and I got to experience the latest episode on a recent visit by him!

He came to see me back on July 16 and he told me to expect a “surprise.” For those of you who have visited me here, the options for surprising me are pretty narrow given that you can’t bring anything into the visitation room except your car keys and your “Davey Dollars.” So I figured the surprise would have something to do with an outfit but with Ken you just never know.

So when I got to visitation that morning and came through the door, Ken was at the vending machine getting a coffee – and dressed as a priest!! I doubled over laughing! It’s particularly funny because I am a reformed Catholice (I gave it up for Lent when I was 18) I really am married to a crazy person!

There actually was SOME logic to his outfit. Try and stay with me here. Recently two friends of ours got married and a close friend of ours – John (hi John!) – became an ordained minister so he could officiate the ceremony. Ken was at the ceremony and John told him about the website that ordained him and how easy it was. A few days later, Ken was at work and had a few spare minutes (which is rare) and he checked out the ordination website. He started filling out the information and then all of a sudden a screen popped up saying he was ordained! Ken then followed a link to the online store (no surprise there) and was immediately drawn to a very reasonably priced priest outfit. So there you go. The lengths that man will go to in order to keep me entertained! The reason I waited so long to blog about it was because we had pictures made and it took a while to have them processed and for Ken to receive them. He recently posted them on Facebook.


The visit was one of the most fun we have had as you might imagine. “Sit wherever you like, Father,” “Can I get you anything, Father?” A couple of my friends were in visitation and had seen Ken before and I could see them giggling and pointing. Afterwards, one of them said he wished I had given him a big kiss when I came in. I think that might have been a bit much so good thing I refrained.

I do hope this post doesn’t offend anyone but I know that those who know Ken and me will get a big kick out of it!

Other than that, everything is going very well! I hope to be able to share some good news very soon!

All my best!


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