Accepting what is.

August 1, 2017
Probably the most significant development since I last wrote is that, after 10 days I finally gave up trying to move cells and just accepted that my entire stay here will be in the “psycho ward”. A few days ago, I was walking back from the “rec yard” (an outdoor area about 60’ x 20’ with 20’ walls and a pull up bar) with an officer and I asked why I was in the cuckoo wing. He said “were you on suicide watch when you arrived?” Um, NO! “Hmmmm……” That was when I gave up. Not sure why it took me so long but I am much more relaxed now and the crazy people don’t bother me as much; except for the guy who thinks pounding his metal door as hard as he can is an acceptable method for flagging down an officer (Hint: it is not).

I am writing this at my writing desk sitting on a stool! This is a huge development. Until a few days ago, I had the desk…but no stool. On the way back from that very same “rec yard”, other cells similar to mine were open and I commented to the officer, “oh look, that cell has a stool; and that one too!” (Peaches Les! —inside joke). It worked. 20 minutes later I had a stool. Little victories…

I’m sleeping a little better since I got earplugs from the commissary. They don’t block out everything—like banging on metal doors—but they are a big improvement. I have found it difficult though to adjust to sleeping with the lights on. The big overhead fluorescent light goes off at 11:30 PM but the light over the desk (which is pretty bright) is on 24-7. This has been true of every place I have stayed since my “road trip” began almost a month ago. (A MONTH!) I can’t wait to sleep in a dark room again. And this place (WACO too) is obsessed with counting. They count us 4-5 times an hour. It’s a bit intrusive but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s amazing what human beings can adapt to.

I may be in solitary confinement, but ZI am not alone.

I’ve been joined by ants! No matter how often I clean and how tightly I seal my commissary food, they come marching down from the corner in the ceiling. Today I took a bar of deodorant soap and drew a “line” on the shelf between the wall and the food. It worked! They don’t like soap. Just to be sure tho, I bought a canvas bag and put my food in it and hung it in the shower; just like campers do to keep the bears away…

A great big “Thanks You” to my husband Ken for typing these posts up. Without his steady love and our nightly phone calls, I really would go crazy. And truly heartfelt thanks to Georgette, Ron, Vicki W., La Victoria, Lisa May, Nicole (and Aaron!), Sherri, Suzie, Marion and my Mom (have fun in Alaska!) for all your cards and letters. I really do feel like I have an army out there rooting for me!
Lots of love! David

……Update from Ken since David wrote this letter: David has since moved to a new and larger living space (CELL). Also, yesterday (8/10/17) he was picked up by the jail transport van and taken to downtown Austin to the federal courthouse (totally surprised him) to begin his testifying. Sounds like the case is being expedited and rather than beginning his testifying next week, they wanted him to start earlier. Today is Friday and the court is not in session so he will most likely continue on Monday. This will most likely shorten his stay in Bastrop/Austin and he will be on the move again—either back to Sheridan in Oregon or to Taft near Bakersfield in CA. He’s well stock on food and supplies from the commissary and he has been flooded with love and support with all the cards and letters and books. (Don’t send anything else because he probably won’t be there to get them). We’ll keep you posted as the news comes in.

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