Dollar signMost of the days since I last posted have been good – even great! I got to spend ten days in a row in Palm Springs – a rarity since I commute to my consulting job in Orange County almost every week. Many friends reached out over the holiday and Ken and I got to spend some wonderful time with friends we have not seen in a while. We also attended our first same sex marriage! Two close friends in Palm Springs of ours who have been together for 16 years decided to make it official. It was amazing and deeply moving!

But then came yesterday. I got a call from our broker at Raymond James telling me that we have 30 days to move our IRA accounts or they will be liquidated. I guess this should not have been a big surprise since we got the same treatment from Charles Schwab several months ago. Still, it’s created a lot of excess stomach acid and uncertainty again and also provided another big fat reminder that my actions will have numerous negative consequences – some of which will follow me for the rest of my life. Even though our broker assured us we were OK, I don’t blame him for this. In big companies, you can never be 100% certain that something is OK.

This too shall pass and I am sure we will eventually find someone who wants our money! In a way, it’s a good lesson as it prepares me for what I am sure will be many similar issues in the future. America likes to think of itself as the land of second chances but I am not sure felons would necessarily agree with that. Maybe advocacy on this topic is in my future! It’s certainly something to think about.

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