June 15, 2015

Be Your Own Super Hero

One of the forms of media that I really enjoy is the Podcast.  I grew up listening to AM radio, and many times would hear talk radio programs.  To me, podcasting is the modern equivalent to AM talk radio.  Modern technology has given anyone with the desire to speak the ability to quickly and easily share their thoughts with anyone who will listen.

There used to be huge barriers, both technical and financial in having the ability to communicate with the world.  Thirty years ago I was an intern at a Radio station.  I worked hard doing any job I could find.  I studied very hard to get my FCC license. I learned how to work on all of the equipment necessary to broadcast from the studio console to the transmitter.  It wasn’t easy to get your message out even to a limited audience.  Today you can get together with a few people, plug a microphone into your computer and record a Podcast.  Within minutes you can have that on the internet, available for the whole world to access.  And unlike a radio transmission, it’s available forever for people to download at their convenience and listen.

I listen to a wide variety of podcasts from news analysis on the No Agenda show to home improvement tips on Ace on the House and everything in-between. One of my favorite podcasts is the Joe Rogan Experience.  Joe is a true renaissance man.  He is a champion martial artist, who has multiple parallel careers.  He is a fight commentator for the UFC.  He has been on several successful TV shows including News Radio and the host of Fear Factor.  Joe is very well read and can hold a wonderful 3 hour conversation with Neil Degrasse Tyson about the science of the universe or a drunken round table of comedians after a night of comedy.

One of the statements that Joe has made is that you should “Be Your Own Super Hero.”  This has always resonated with me.  Now that I am facing the toughest challenge of my life, this concept has really hit home.  The idea is that every day you choose how to approach the world, and tackle the adversities that you face.  You can cower in the corner and let the world beat you down, or you can rise to the challenge and be a super hero.  You control how the world affects you, and how you react to adversity.  It doesn’t matter what others say or do to you, or how you are impacted physically, only you can control your attitude and your outlook in dealing with terrible situations.

Life, and events surrounding your life can always be distilled into a 3 act play.  Act 1 of this particular play was my the first 49 years of my life.  In Act 1 I made a series of bad decisions and mistakes that have led to my incarceration.  Now, as I enter Act 2, “The Incarceration”, I’m choosing to be the Super Hero of this story.  Rather than blame others, I’m choosing to make the best of the situation and rise out of Act 2 wiser and stronger.  I will make the best use of my time to improve my health, which has greatly suffered in the past decade.  I will do my best to share my life experience with others in an effort to help dissuade others from repeating my mistakes.  I will use my time to write manuscripts.  I will use my mistakes to teach my Son the consequences of actions and responsibility, so he can learn from my pain.

When the curtain rises for Act 3, I will be a better person, and will have enriched the lives of my friends and family, and we will move on with a wonderful life.

David Foley

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