Bueno suerte Ramon!

June 7, 2016

My good friend Ramon left early this morning for the halfway house in San Diego and the next phase of his journey. For me, Ramon was a role model in that he was a great example of how to make the most of the time we must spend here. He accepted full responsibility for his transgressions and the harm they caused people he loves. He was dedicated to becoming the best version of himself he could become. He has a big heart and was always quick with a smile, a kind word, a “pick me up” or a helping hand. He was genuinely interested in how I was doing and often asked how things were going at home; especially how Tito Puente was doing!

And while I wish him luck, he won’t need it. His smarts, talent, amazing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit will ensure his success. I will miss strategizing on his many ideas for new businesses!

Before he left, he showed me the entry for June 7 – his release date – in his daily prayer book which inspired him to make the best of each day. It was pretty amazing and I share it below. It touched my heart.

God Will Get You Home

For some of you, the journey has been long. Very long and stormy. In no way do I wish to minimize the difficulties that you have had to face along the way. Some of you have shouldered burdens that few of us could ever carry. You have bid farewell to life-long partners. You have been robbed of life-long dreams. You have been given bodies that can’t sustain your spirit. You have spouses who can’t tolerate your faith. You have bills that outnumber the paychecks and challenges that outweigh the strength.

And you are tired.

It’s hard for you to see the City in the midst of the storms. The desire to pull over to the side of the road and get out entices you. You want to go on but some days the road seems so long…

Let me encourage you…God never said the journey would be easy, but he did say the arrival would be worthwhile.

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