June 28, 2015

Bureau of Prisons

My inception into the Bureau of prisons was a very scary day. I have never been arrested and other than a few speeding tickets have never been around law enforcement or any type of jail or federal prison.

After my initial intake, I was placed into a holding cell. Three other inmates who had transferred down from medium security to low security in now to the federal prison camp were put in there with me.

I am sure it was obvious I was new. Unlike what you see on television or in the movies they were genuinely nice to me and gave me suggestions of how to stay out of trouble and succeed well in federal prison.

When we are finally cleared and take them to the compound for our final destination I was pointed to my building.  When I walked in the officer on duty looked at me and could probably tell by my wide open eyes that I was new and that I needed some help on learning more to go. She was very kind and showed me my cubicle.

My bunk mate welcome to me and gave me a tour of the federal prison camp. Several of the guys chipped in and I have everything that I needed from a clean T-shirt to a pair of shoes and even a shower bag with soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and shower slippers.

Regardless of race or age I’ve been treated very respectfully from both staff and inmates.

David Foley

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