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February 17, 2016

One of the keys to “success” in prison is to stay busy and I have certainly taken that advice to heart; while still leaving time for reflection of course! 🙂

I often get questions from friends on JPay email as to what my days are like so I thought I would share my weekly schedule.

I usually go to bed every night at around 9:45 and get up every day at around 6 am. If they are serving boiled eggs in the chow hall (which happens once a week), I will head over there for breakfast. Otherwise, it’s oatmeal (with honey), a banana, dried plums (aka prunes) and Taster’s Choice coffee while catching up on the news on CNN and the first few minutes of GMA.


9:30 – 10:30 Clean all the exercise machines (my job)
12:00 – 1:00 AA meeting
7:30p – 8:30p Poetry Class workshop


8 – 9 Yoga
11 – 12:30 Tennis (I’m getting better!)


8 – 9 Those Outspoken (the group that goes out to speak to at risk youth in high schools in the surrounding communities – I’m not a member yet but hope to be chosen soon!)

12-2 Viticulture class. An inmate and friend of mine here runs this class as he is an owner of a vineyard in the Paso Robles area. There are a number of established grapevines out in horticulture that were a complete mess. We are cleaning them up and retraining them.

2 – 3 Master Your Life – a class being taught by an inmate who I admire for his extreme positive attitude and commitment to give back as much as possible while here


8 – 9 Yoga
11 – 12:30 Tennis
2 – 3 Poetry – lecture

Fridays are open – nothing scheduled!

Saturday is my sleep in day (til 7:30 am typically). On Sunday morning, I get up at 5:45am so I can watch CBS Sunday Morning which puts me in a great mood to start each week off.

Of course, I work out almost every day in between classes and meals. 30 min. of cardio, 30 min. of resistance, 30 min. of core/stretching and 2-3 miles of walking.

The remaining time is for reading and writing. I get the Sunday NY Times (thanks Howard and Sherri!), Vanity Fair (thanks Trish!) and have access to the WSJ and USAToday. Plus I try to get through at least one book a week! And the best part of course is visits: usually 3-4 per month on the weekends. I also spend quite a bit of time each week responding to email and answering letters (yay!).

I generally eat lunch in the chow hall (11ish) and dinner in my cube (avocadoes, tomatoes, bell peps, onions + chicken/salmon/tuna over hummus or refried beans). Yummy and healthy!

So that’s my life here at Taft! Making the best of it! Lots of love! David

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