Inside the Minds of White Collar Criminals

Inside the Minds of White Collar Criminals

Inside the Minds of White Collar Criminals What motivates a white collar felon to commit a crime? Good question, and one that Harvard Business School professor Eugene Soltes sets out to explore in his just published book, Why They Do It. Take a listen to this Market...

The Miracle Cure

Last week my bunkie, my limping, 62-year-old bunkie with the bum knee, threw down his cane and cried, “I’ve been cured.” More or less. I was amazed, though not at the miracle of his recovery. Rather, what amazed me was that he decided to throw down...

Falling in Love

I’m falling in love. I can feel it. Falling deep into love. With Maryann. Beautiful Maryann. Each morning I wake up in a swoon, with a tingle in my fingertips and a stirring of my loins. Wake up to her smile, her kind words. What a beautiful day, she says, enjoy...

Too Much Time in Federal Prison

July 22, 2015 Too Much Time in Federal Prison This morning I woke up, worked on my book, wrote in my diary, walked the track, practiced yoga, helped an inmate prepare a motion to expunge an old DUI, ate breakfast, read a magazine, practiced guitar, talked with my kids...

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