Parenting From Prison

  August 4, 2014 Parenting From Prison It is tough enough to be a good parent when you are on the outside, but when you are parenting from prison, it can begin to feel impossible. You will no longer be able to parent as you are used to, or as you had hoped to,...

Should I Take A Plea Deal?

April 12, 2014 Should I take a plea deal? This morning I had the shortest prospecting call of my life. A criminal defendant called to ask my opinion on whether he should take a plea deal. Please note, he asked me that after 15 seconds on the phone. Moreover, prior to...

Are All Realtors Created Equal?

Are All Realtors Created Equal? March 9, 2014 BY SAM POMPEO Short answer is of course Yes, we are all created equal. But that is where the equality ends. What distinguishes one realtor from the next is a complex weave of knowledge, integrity, ethics, moral compass and...

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