I’ve recently relocated to the Greenville Illinois camp!  I am truly grateful.  During the last 6 months I’ve often asked God why he sent me sooo far from home to begin this journey.  He told me in  due time I would see “why”.  That how life is.  We don’t understand the “why” a lot of times.  But God knows the big picture.  I’ve figured out my “why”.  Had I been sent to the camp first, I would have been whining about being away from home, dealing with these women, listening to their arguments daily about trivial things and on and on.  Since, I experienced living with women who were serving time for heinous crimes, women who received life sentences, women who were there with stage 4 cancer but didn’t think about it, amputated legs and other things, I am truly grateful today.

This second leg is tolerable, because as far as I’m concerned God had already pumped and primed me.  So as in life, we experience some uncomfortable stuff.  Then hopefully when God rescues us and fixes the situation we can be truly grateful and thankful.  Unfortunately, many of us are still not grateful for our situations.  So from me to you, embrace everyday and every challenge with an open and content spirit.  Have faith and never give up because you are not alone.

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