Federal Prison Consultant Writes New Book For Defendants

What do I need to know about sentencing and serving time in federal prison?

That’s a big question because preparing for sentencing and life in federal prison is a huge subject to cover. Asking about sentencing and life in federal prison is like asking:

“What do I need to know about living in China?”

There are so many variables and so much to learn that the information could overwhelm anyone. Someone asking about China may want to learn about language, about diet, about customs, about business opportunities, about housing, about medical care, or about an infinite number of other issues.

For many, the concept of living in federal prison feels as foreign as the concept of living in a foreign country. Navigating the challenges of sentencing and living inside successfully requires insight. Some may choose to obtain that insight experientially, meaning that they’ll learn as they go. But wiser individuals recognize the value of preparation. They understand that they can learn from those who’ve mastered the challenges before.

Fortunately, out team at White Collar Advice (part of Etika LLC) can help. Just as university professors, vocational training, or mentors gave you the foundation you needed to become the best in the world in your chosen career or profession, we offer lessons through out new book Prepare, What Defendants Need To Know, that will restore your sense of efficacy and strength.

Our goal is to educate our clients. When our clients show up to sentencing or surrender to federal prison, they walk in with their eyes wide open. In many ways, we’re guides for those who are about to embark upon unfamiliar territory that can be frightening, or anxiety provoking.

Experience has taught us that our clients restore a sense of confidence as they learn more about the challenges ahead. Most importantly, we teach effective strategies individuals can employ to persevere and triumph over adversity.

For generations, wise men have said that the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. Lessons we teach through our work, and our new book Prepare, sheds light into the obscure world that follows for individuals who’ve been targeted for prosecution or sentenced. The more we teach, the more we empower our clients to navigate challenges that derail those who fail to prepare.

I encourage to start reading Prepare today! It’s never too late and it’s never too early to begin preparing for a successful outcome. For those who require more personalized assistance, feel free to schedule a call with me.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny

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