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Many years ago I had very fortunate opportunity to drive in and support a race in Canada during the Formula One weekend.  Because of this I was able to see up close the garage area of the teams. These teams have some of the most sophisticated technology in the world. In between sessions they will have a crew of 15+ mechanics tear down a car and reassemble it to perfection.

These teams move their entire operation every weekend to a new country. They can only achieve this by being extremely organized.  Whenever you see a shot of the teams headquarters every shop is as neat as an operating room.

This type of organization is very good on many levels. First, by eliminating clutter, and having only what tools and parts are needed for a particular task it allows the mechanic to focus on the task at hand without distraction. I noticed in my own experience that I was most efficient on my desk was void of piles of paperwork in my office was tidy and organized. A low level of stress seems to creep into your psyche when you’re surrounded by chaos, like a messy office or messy desk.

I’ve been taking a class recently that also focuses on daily organization and the instructor was showing how he organized his day and prioritized his schedule. It was a very similar system to what I have created in my own life and I think it is a good way to get and stay organized and optimize your day. Someday I would love to design an app that will embody this technique.

Hey basic outlines to plan out a week in advance. For each day Saturday schedule starting with your first hour. Make out a list of half hour increments until the end of your day. First car about the absolute must do this for each day such as meals, exercise, family time. Then within each open half hour section aggressively state what you would like to accomplish.  Leave yourself some open slots on Tuesday through Saturday, at a minimum. Keep your day schedule with you each day and cross out those tasks that you accomplished. If you priorities come up right the men and cross them out is completed. At the end of each day review your list and transfer those items that you couldn’t complete to subsequent days of the week. At the end of the week you will have a good idea of what was accomplished and more importantly what was not. Make note of tasks they carried out more than three times as they could be “resistant”points. All discuss that in more detail as I continue to write on getting organized.

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