Last year i was very fortunate to be able to have a small role in the final production of Adam carolla’s incredible documentary “winning: the racing life of Paul Newman”

We showed that film here this week. Having worked on the film restoration of the archive footage, mastering the film in 4K Ultra HD, and the creation of the digital cinema projector files I have seen this movie over 50 times.

What is incredibly powerful is that i still tear up at multiple points in the movie. Paul Newman was a special person, how he gave silently. Not for recognition or ego, but because he truly wanted to share his good fortune with others.

One particular emotional scene is the part where Willy tells the story of how Paul made sure that Willy, who was competing against Paul, had the best equipment available, which really launched willy’s career.

In addition to Newman’s own food products, which have donated over $430 million dollars to charity, Paul setup camps for children in need. Each year he sends over 15,000 kids to camp at no cost to the kids or their families. All of these while avoiding the spotlight, just giving silently from his heart. He was a great man and wonderful role model.

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