friendsDecember 14, 2014

The song by the Divine Miss M has been playing in my head the past few days – and for good reason! Yep – my friends came through! After my last blog post, several of my friends stepped up and offered to help Ken and me find a home for our IRAs. (You know who you are – I won’t embarrass you – but thank you!). And I am happy to report success! Our knight in shining armor came through – well, actually it’s a she so, Dame In Shining Armor? At any rate, I am eternally grateful to her and so happy that we will continue to have the opportunity to invest in mutual funds and not be subject to the taxes and penalties associated with liquidation. I also learned a lot more about why people in my situation are shunned by financial institutions. Even the principal of the investment firm we will be moving to said that he normally would not take on a client like me and that he was only doing so based on my “Dame’s” recommendation. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to check this major item off of my pre-prison “to do” list.

This experience though is indicative of what has been one of the most positive aspects of this journey. I have always been deeply thankful for all of my friends – many of whom I have known for 20, 30 and even 40 years. But I have been so very deeply touched by how many of my friends have offered to do anything within their power to help. I am going to continue to need all of you – especially over the next few years and even more so after I am released. I want you to know – and you all know who you are – how deeply thankful and grateful I am for your friendships. It truly does mean the world to me!


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