I have had the fortunate situation of meeting a mentor here that has been running a wellness center for years. He has taken the time to help me with my overall health, working on the essentials of nutrition, hydration, fitness and breathing.

What has been amazing is that with good discipline, but very little effort I continue to improve on a daily basis. I’ve reduced my diet, cutting out a lot of daily carbs and refined sugars. We are very fortunate to be able to purchase great snacks including almonds, dried fruit and fresh vegetables. I’ve increased my water intake substantially, a key to improvement. I exercise daily, but have learned routines that I can accomplish in under 45 minutes each day, while isolating muscles groups with a focus on fitness and not bulkiness. Finally, I have learned circular breathing techniques for working out, as well as meditation.

All combined I’ve been able to achieve some great results in my first six months having lost close to 80 pounds, reducing my heart rate by 20 BPM and having to get clothes 2 sizes smaller.

There are many books on health topics and I urge everyone to find a small slice of time daily to improve on these four areas as your body will respond well and you can extend your life and improve on your quality of life.


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