Health – Wealth – Happiness

First in a 10 Part series

My first couple of weeks here at Taft Prison Camp has given me an opportunity to reflect. Most often we’re so busy with our lives that we don’t have a block of time to step outside of our day to day routines, responsbilities and activities to effectively consider what is happening in our lives…much less think of why we are doing them and evaluate the quality of our live.

Since a fairly young age I was taught to seek after health,wealth and happiness (joy). It’s always been in the back of my mind but I’ve not taken enough time to consider deeply how to achieve these states, much less to actually study, analyze or even define how I’m progressing with the accomplishment of them. So while I am here in this environment that allows the time to think deeply and try and figure it out.

“Happiness” while listed last above seems to be the most important state of the three. I actually believe that our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy and that is one of the primary reasons we our here on earth. We have all observed people who are not in very good health who are happy. Just as we’ve seen many healthy people who seen to have an underlying state of unhappiness. Given a choice between healthy or happy most would chose happiness as the more desireable state.

The same seem to hold true for “wealth” in that we’re aware of a significate number of the very rich often seem to be strangely unhappy. We’re also aware of some of the very poor, partially in third world countries, being genuinely happy. Again the choice between being wealthy and being happy, most would chose happiness to be the most desirable condition.

We could speculate why this occurs but the point is that while wealth and health are certainly desirable state and should be pursued, it seems that happiness is the most important desireable state. It actually seem and is apparent that health and wealth are not totally neccesary to achieve a state of happiness. It is assumed also, that we want and pursue all three but happiness may be the most important. Happiness is on a spiritual and mental level while health and wealth physical level and we know that physical things come and go while mental and spiritual things are more long lasting. Certainly health and wealth can contribute to happiness but they in and off themseves to not cause it.

In the next several blogs I will try and focus on how we can truly be happy…

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