November 30, 2015

Through seven plus years of consulting, I’ve never had a client truly embrace the way the government perceives them. Rather than see defendants as community leaders, the government only focuses on some out of character decisions that led to that courtroom.

Without aggressive action the odds will always be stacked in their favor…

If you are not a believer in taking action, this message is not for you…Sentencing mitigation is only for the believers.

If you are a believer, my partner, Michael Santos and can help you earn mercy at sentencing by explaining, but not excusing, the decisions that led you to that courtroom.

The compelling, first person narrative we help create will demonstrate your remorse, showcase the totality of your life, explain lessons you have learned, and close with an alternative sentencing recommendation the judge will consider.

And moreover the words will be from you, not some hired gun, like a psychologist or doctor.

Why am I releasing our sentencing mitigation program now?

Easy, I made a lot of bad decisions after UBS fired me go in 2005 for facilitating a client’s Ponzi Scheme. Rather than accept responsibility, I feigned ignorance to a fraud I helped create. Worse, the government never viewed me as other than a young arrogant stockbroker who exploited others for his own gain. The result? I served longer in prison than I should have.

Without aggressive, decisive action you will never be viewed for anything more than your alleged criminal conduct. You must profit from our losses.

For some background, our narrative writing program has been successfully tested over many years : This is good for you because we have removed all the guesswork, and stress involved in writing such a complex and crucial document.

Our program shows evidence of your rehabilitation, and your efforts to make amends: This is important because too many judges view white collar offenders as unrepentant manipulators, who offer nothing but excuses and rationalizations. 

The narrative will be written to influence others who will judge you that you are more than your criminal charge: This is big because most defendants are stuck in denial or are too angry to take aggressive steps to influence others. 

This program was created from someone who has written more than 15 books and who interviewed thousands of white collar offenders: This a good thing because you can immediately leverage off a skill set that took Michael Santos 30 years to acquire.

This narrative will show indisputable evidence that you take this seriously and are committed to making amends, not through words, but by your own action: This is great because most defendants just talk, few act. 

Again you could invest hundreds of hours trying to do it on your own. And if you did I would admire you for trying. If you would like to pursue this on your own, I will share some suggestions (including a sample opening Michael wrote) in coming blogs, and also attach a link to our lesson plan on sentencing mitigation. 

If you would like to discuss creating this document with my team, you can click here to schedule a call

For now, let me offer an assignment. Watch the video I attach below, then as I did in Lessons From Prison, write out some of the pressures, motivations, and rationalizations that led to your current predicament. Just some bullet points for each.

Whether you write the narrative on your own, or my team and I interview you and help you write it, those details are important.


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