Sorry I haven’t been writing on my blog for the last couple of months. Since my last entry I have been transferred to Greenville camp. It is a camp for women and located in Greenville, Illinois. I am officially on leg two of my three legged journey. Camp is very different from the FCI. The women here have not committed murders and are not big drug cartels. Their crimes are crimes but not as scary. There is a great deal of freedom except for the fact that you cannot go home. It reminds me of the dorm experience that I never had or wanted.

I have been here for over two months and have gotten well adjusted. I often asked God why he allowed me to go to Carswell first. I use to say God , I committed a little crime yet you put me amongst murders, big drug dealers and other hard core criminals. I got my answer. He wanted me to have compassion and humility. He wanted me to see and speak with women who committed crimes that you could only imagine. He wanted me to understand that we are all his children no matter what sin we commit. He wanted to rid me of judgmental believes and feelings. He wanted me to understand that sin is sin and there are no big or little ones. I have learned through this journey that it only takes one wrong turn, one bad thought, one snap decision and we all could wear the label of murderer, drug cartel, conspirator and the list goes on and on.

My prayer everyday is that I have seen and learned the lessons the God intended for me to learn in order to live out my life’s purpose. I have learned to have more love and compassion for those that are less fortunate than me. I can empathize with those who are in the midst of trials and tribulations. I am able to pray God’s protection over their minds, souls and bodies. I am certain that this journey has not been in vain. I know that God has allowed me to go through this journey so that I can be a witness to those in need. I can talk openly with great conviction of God’s mercy and grace in my life despite my current situation. I am happy, joyous, content and free in spirit because of god’s grace on me!

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