Movin’ on Down!

March 17, 2016

Yep, you read that headline correctly. I know that typically one would prefer to be movin’ on up in life (a la George and Weezie) but I’m happy to be movin’ on down; to a lower bunk that is! In all real estate, it is location, location, location and the same holds true here in our dorm. The most desirable spots are the lower bunks in the back. Each cube here has at least two bunks in it: an upper and a lower. Yep, your classic bunk beds from when you were a kid (or at least when I was a kid). Since my third day here, I have had an upper bunk way in the back. I didn’t mind having to climb up and down all the time – even in the middle of the night – because it is much quieter in the back and I am cranky when I don’t sleep well! But the holy grail is a lower bunk in the back. I have applied several times as these have opened up but have never had enough seniority to get one: until now! You are probably scratching your head at this point and saying “what?” I do recognize that this is hardly a critical event in the current geopolitical environment, BUT as I have been saying all along, it’s important to celebrate the little things that bring us joy. So I am celebrating!

And speaking of movin’ on down, I think that headline is also an apt descriptor for the current presidentional contest (nice segue huh?) – Particularly in one party which will remain unnamed. Rather than a race for the presidency, it seems to be more of a race to the gutter and I am saddened by that. Last Friday, in the midst of all this ugliness, there was a little touch of class. I am referring to Nancy Reagan’s funeral service. I never voted for Ronald Reagan having voted for John Anderson in 1980 (that was 1980 right? I hate not being able to look stuff up!) And Mondale in 1984. I was not a fan of Reagan’s politics (at Cal we called him “Ray-Gun”) and Nancy was easy to make fun of (Just Say No, astrologers). Time changes perspectives though and regardless of the politics, Ron and Nancy were a class act – both in the White House and beyond. And that was reflected in her lovely service. Much has also been made of their deep love for and commitment to each other and I have the utmost respect for that. At the service, Jim Baker talked about how their relationship was an unbroken circle and on the inside of that circle; it was just the two of them. It was their safe place where no one could penetrate. I love that analogy as it perfectly describes my relationship with Ken. So bon voyage, Nancy and thank you for the reminder of the importance of love, integrity and just being classy!

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