March 13, 2015

Mr. Klutz Returns!

Well, I almost made it two months without injuring myself. Yes, I am a klutz (is there a KA group I can join?). I have been a klutz since I can remember. I was pigeon toed as a kid so I was always tripping over my own feet. In fact, I recall an instance in high school when I was on the track team and I actually spiked myself on the inside of my left knee (seriously) and the scar is still there!

It’s not that medical care is unavailable here – it’s just that the nearest hospital is 40 minutes away in Bakersfield and you don’t get to choose your providers like you do on the outside. So I have been very careful (for me) with my workout activities. But not careful enough. One of my exercises on “legs” day is repeatedly jumping up onto a bench. Well, the bench is metal and on one of the reps, I jumped IN to the bench instead of on top of it (I could see Kenny rolling his eyes as I told him this). So I gashed my shin. Nothing serious and not much pain but the sucker kept bleeding.

Well, they tell you in orientation here that EVERY injury needs to be reported to an officer and to medical. The reason is to document the source of the injury (i.e., stupidity as opposed to fighting). So I went to medical. The good news is that I got excellent care and the would is healing nicely. Such drama! And no I will not be doing that particular exercise any more!

In other news, I got my first “paycheck.” $12.30 for the month of February! I worked about 130 hours that month so my hourly pay is a little less than 10 cents an hour. Geez – that represents a 99.999% drop in pay from my last position. I guess I am a bad negotiator when it comes to pay. Oh well, at least they didn’t take taxes out!

And unfortunately it looks like I am going to be stuck with the 4am to noon shift until the end of May. It is still tough to get up at 3:30 five days a week but it is better than when I first started. It is what it is… and this too shall pass.

Earlier this week I had a bit of a down day – which is actually pretty rare for me. But it did not last long as I got a few emails and a couple letters later that day that just brought the most amazing smile to my face and wiped out my mini-depression. I want all of you to know how much I appreciate it when you get in touch with me. It always makes my day!

Well back to reading the Sunday New York Times (a wonderful touch from home courtesy of Howard and Sherri) and then on to the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue (thanks Trish!!!!).

Looking forward to seeing my Mom, Les and my brother Paul and Nicole on Saturday!

Until next week…….

I remain David (the klutz)

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