New Health Update From Federal Prison

At the end of one month now lost 18 pounds and my blood pressure has dropped over 20 points.

Every morning after breakfast i’m now up to 3 miles around the track. The prison track is 1/3 mile around, and on each lap I stop and do pull ups or push ups, and then continue on.

Each afternoon after lunch i ride the exercise bicycle for 45 minutes on the fat burn program.

The food is not bad. Most days we have rice and beans, and then a variety of eggs, chicken, ham, and other items. We get a lot of mixed green salad, broccoli and green beans. I’ve been avoiding the desserts and tortillas, which are helping me, reach my goal quicker. Thanks to a great commissary, we can buy fresh peppers, onions, avocados, tomatoes, chicken, brown rice, bananas, apples and limes. A couple other guys and I have a Sunday night spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, pepperoni and sausage. This week our neighbor made us a great dinner with hummus, peppers, chicken, sausage and cheese, with some pita bread.

Most days I’m drinking just water. Every once in a while I treat myself to a sunrise orange drink.

One thing is for sure, its easy to take advantage of getting healthy while in here. i plan on taking some lessons from here when i am back in the real world including getting up from my desk at least every hour to get some movement going, walking after meals whenever possible, and maintaining a good exercise routine.

David Foley

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