Everyday, at some point in time, I find myself in the open air pavilion watching the news channel. The television is turned to CNN and there are some guys who sit and watch it for most of the day. I rarely watched CNN prior to coming to prison. I suspect the reason I did not watch is that I actually worked for a living, and did not have the time for daytime television news. I used to think that CNN stood for Cable News Network but I was wrong. My fellow prisoners have dubbed it Constantly Negative News. After spending some time watching, I can see why they have rebranded the station. The reports do seem to focus on negative events, and they seem to add headlines to their stories to make them even worse. They also bring in a purported expert (self-proclaimed?) to throw more gasoline on the fire. I guess adversity sells advertising.

I have been watching the presidential candidates do their thing and I cannot recall a crazier election season. Obviously, Trump is a major factor in all of the excitement. Sanders has spiced things up as well.

I communicated via email with one of my friends who is a long established lobbyist in D.C. He said the insiders see it as a race between “the devil you know” (Clinton) and the “devil you do not know” (Trump). My cellie is a big Clinton fan. I suggested to him that He is much to young to be attracted to large, older women who wear designer pant suits. He appreciated my humor but has not changed his political leanings.

Of course, I will not be voting in this election. I do not have the right to vote. (that felon thing). I am not that upset about it when I look at the likely candidates. I would have a hard time voting for either of the favorites!
In the meantime, I think I will ask if we can change the news channel.

Ken Flaska

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