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April 2, 2015

Yesterday I was paged at 6:30 am to report to the chow hall (aka the kitchen) where I was informed that I had a new job starting immediately!It was no April Fools joke! I have been moved from the beverage bar to the “utility department” (which is a nice name for emptying all the trash/waste and mopping the floors in the back part of the kitchen). Yep, I have gone from Barista to the King of Trash! And no this is not a title I have held before – in spite of what some of my friends might say!

I am thrilled! Why you might ask?! Because my new job starts at 6am instead of 4am. Bye bye sleep deprivation, hello two more hours of sleep on work nights!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh sorry, I dozed off for a second there! 🙂

Now for a couple of JPay announcements. First, while I am thrilled to have access to email, JPay is a pretty klugey system that has little in common with email as you know it. I am also thrilled that so many of my friends (and even a couple strangers) have signed up to email me!

Having said that, many people have signed up but have not sent me an email. What’s up with that??? Actually some in this group may THINK they have sent me an email but its still sitting in their outbox. Sending an email to an offender (that’s me) is a two step process. So if you think you have sent me an email and I haven’t responded, log back on and check your outbox on JPay. Also, when I send you an email, you will get a notification email from JPay that you have an email from me. Unfortunately these end up in your junkmail folder a lot of the time. So check your junkmail folder or just log in to JPay and see if you have an email from me!

Finally, emails on JPay are processed three times per day M-F. No emails are processed on the weekends. Beyond that the system is down – lately, a lot. So patience is key. But keep emailing and writing! It keeps me busy and makes the time fly!!

Thanks for all the support!


PS Thanks to the legislatures of Indiana and Arkansas for reminding us what true bigotry looks like.

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