Not All Fun and Games

March 30, 2016

I managed to go over 14 months without getting sick here. Sure, a few sniffles and coughs here and there; but nothing I would have stayed home from work for. Well, everything good I suppose eventually comes to an end and it has been a rough couple of weeks!

Early last week I had my first big allergy attack. This was disconcerting as I had managed to make it through all of 2015 here without any allergies. That was the first time that has happened since…. ever, I think! Well, my luck ran out. The antihistamine (?) in the commissary does a nice job of making me drowsy but is completely ineffective against my industrial strength seasonal allergies. If home, I would have called my doc and had Rx’s for Flonase and Astelin called in to the pharmacy and waiting for pickup within hours. Ah, the things we take for granted. Well, that option clearly does not exist here! I went to medical and fortunately they said they would be able to get me a nasal steroid (yay) but it would not be on site until Saturday (boo). So by Friday – when my Mom and Les visited – my eyes were itchy and I had a severe case of laryngitis (from nasal drip down my throat from the untreated allergies). By the end of the visit, I had completely lost my voice! Fortunately the nasal steroid did come in Saturday and my allergies are mostly under control for the time being. For that I am grateful!

And then Saturday night I got slammed with either food poisoning or stomach flu. This place is really a giant petri dish so it really could be anything. If it was the former, it was my own fault as I made my own dinner on Saturday evening. I am pretty sure I wore a rut in the concrete going back and forth to the bathroom. Don’t worry – I won’t get any more graphic than that! šŸ™‚ My new cube is about as far away from the bathroom as you can get. In normal times that is a good thing (less noise!) but at least I have a lower bunk now so I didn’t have to climb up and down ten times a night! I pretty much stayed in bed all day Sunday and didn’t eat anything. I was so miserable. šŸ™

I know! What a downer post, right? I usually try to make my posts uplifting and enlightening but sometimes it just sucks here! The past week and a half was one of those times (except for the visit which was lovely!). And I really missed the creature comforts of home. I would have given anything for a grilled cheese sandwich, a hot bowl of tomato soup and a cold glass of milk! And what I missed most (acutely) was Mr. Ken putting his hand on my forehead and asking me how I am doing and Tito Puente refusing to leave my side until I got better.

The good news is that I am feeling MUCH better today! Yay! I think I will even try working out! OK, the pity party is officially over. Next one will be upbeat (and less gross)! I promise!

I AM going to make some changes, though. I am not really a germophobe (is that a real word, or just something Seinfeld made up?) but I am going to become one! Exposure to germs builds your immune system but exposure to the wrong germs can knock you on your ass! So, no more setting personal items on the counter in the bathroom, using my bowls and utensils without microwaving them first and no more rubbing my eyes or nose with my hands! I know I have a lot of germophobe friends so any other suggestions are welcomed!

Enough!! Until next time!


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