July 21, 2015

One Day Until I Surrender To Prison

One day until I surrender to federal prison. Although, I have made peace with my fate it still seems so surreal. I have officially stopped playing the scenes out in my head of re-living the last five years of this ordeal. I have worked hard to prepare things at home so that my absence won’t be as hard.

But I know It will be hard for my family and friends because of the depth of our physical and spiritual connections.

I have assured them that “I will survive”! I have always believed that your attitude determines your altitude. I always try to keep a positive attitude. I am humbled by this journey up until this point. I have always tried to treat people the way, I have wanted to be treated. I have always respected people. By no stretch have I been perfect.

I have never cared about only cozying up to people who had advanced degrees or positions. I have never believed that my attaining a juris doctor degree made my any better or more special than those without an advanced degree. I’ve always kept in my mind that most of the successful millionaires that I’d met barely, if at all had high school diplomas. While I had amassed hundreds in thousands in student loans for advanced education and was extremely low on funds.

My last week of freedom at least temporarily has been crammed to the hilt with trying to organize and break bread with all my family and close friends. It has been wonderful.

I’ve tried to focus my last days trying to prepare my book list, magazine list, medication list and all other lists that have to be prepared and mailed to myself at the facility has been rough! I was fortunate to find Justin, and learn from all the courses, videos and tools he makes available for clients at www.FederalPrisonAdvice.com. I do feel prepared for my surrender, which has helped me manage any nerves I was feeling.

As I prepare to leave on Wednesday, I AM ready. The quicker I go, the quicker I return. At least that is what I keep telling my family and friends. I have put together a plan for me to adhere to during my time away. For the first time in many years, I will hold myself accountable for my health and nutrition. I hate disciplining myself as it relates to sugar. Sugar has been my friend, comforter, happy pill, sleeping pill and everything else under the sun. I know that it is an addiction that I will formally renounce on July 22, 2015. I will keep you posted in the near future. I am committed to losing weight therefore; the term “fat camp” is how I officially describe my upcoming surrender.

I have prayed much leading up to today and will commit to my continued prayer for peace, direction and guidance as I take my first of many steps down this new chapter of LIFE.


Roxanne Jackson

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