I’ve often asked or have been asked the question “What are you passionate about”? It always amazes me when we have the “deer in the headlight expression” trying to answer that question.  Why is that question so hard to answer for some?  Why can’t we just readily shout to the world what our passion is????  Funny how our passion hides from us?  Well during my “sabbatical” (my current journey) I will make it my mission to locate mine and help other women revive their “passion”.

We are all passionate about something!  God made each us a one of a kind unique vessel.  With that being said it’s never too early or late to acknowledge and embrace or passions.  The world would be a better place if we would lean towards our passion.  So many of us have made horrible career, educational, relationship, financial decisions and personal decisions because of our failure to embrace our true passion.  I am crystal clear on the fact that I cannot make up for lost time, I cannot change the past, my choices and actions were mine and I own them.  However, from today forward I am invested in living in my passion.  I highly encourage each of you to go back to your childhood and think about activities you did that provided hours of pure joy.  That is one of the best ways to trace where your passion lies.  I have spoken to hundreds of women from all parts of the world and they agree that had they followed their passion their lives would have been more fulfilling and different.

So, going forward I encourage you to find your passion and ride it as though your life depends on it.  It can provide the fuel and velocity to overcome the situations we find ourselves in.  Finding and riding your passion can be the catalyst for the change in your life that you need! Trust me during this sabbatical I am NOT counting days in a depressed state.  I am as happy, sunny and vibrant as I am known to be.  One of the ways that this is possible is that I am focusing every day on identifying, massaging and giving birth to the fruit from my passion tree.

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