Preparing to go to federal prison

Since I’ve been going through this stressful time of my life I found it difficult to get up in the morning. As I think about preparing to go to federal prison, sometimes I want to just stay in bed, pull the sheets over my head and just vegetate. Well I’ve never found it hard to get out of bed in the morning before so I needed to find a way to get back to being my old self and get out of bed and accept the challenges of the day.

So to help me to get up in the morning I have identified five things that I should do first thing in the morning.

When I first get out of bed each day I want to have my morning prayer. I of all people need divine help from my father in heaven. I also need to show gratitude to him by thanking him for all of my blessings. Even though I may be suffering I still have much to be thankful for. Recognizing those blessings and thanking my father in heaven for the many things that he’s given me reminds me that I’m still a very blessed person.I also find it important to ask him for forgiveness of my sins and weaknesses. Humility is a powerful personal attributes and we can’t rise above our weaknesses unless we are humble and teachable. I know in my own life my father in heaven has been the giver of so many of my blessings. I want to ask him to continue to bless me and provide me with the personal strength to move forward with my life. I always end my prayers in the name of Jesus Christ. Without his atonening sacrifice and love I would be without hope.

The next thing that I do in the morning is put on some workout cloths clothes and go exercise. I have been trying to walk for a least an hour every morning. I hope to increase my exercise immensely when I am at the federal prison camp. I’ve set some great goals for myself in this area and I plan on attaining them. I have found that I feel better about myself when I keep my commitment to exercise. I want to live for a long time and exercise will help keep my body healthy.

Next I want to do some inspirational reading. For me I prefer to read the scriptures. I find great hope from reading the scriptures. The teachings of Christ and other Prophets motivate me to live a better life. Those writings also cause me to look inward and make sure my life is in balance. I am sooty to say that there have been times when I was not in balance. I placed to much value in things that were not if lasting g value and only brought short term happiness. Spending time each day studying the scriptures helps me to stay in balance. Other books can provide inspiration and motivate you to live with greater purpose. It will surprise you how reading great books will provide you with a better foundation for the day.

Finally I love to talk with someone each morning who will give me a positive approach to the day. I have been blessed to have several friends, family members and mentors who give me great advice and a warm feeling. These people love me and I treasure the time I spend talking with them. I probably have at least 10 people who I talk with regularly   These folks know me and they provide me with inspiration not only with the words they say but the lives they live. I call this group my rescuers. Theses are they who lift me up when I am discouraged and encourage me to be a better man.

If I do these 5 things first thing In the morning I find that I can face the day with confidence and I know that I am making progress towards a better life.


illustration of acceptance concept. word concept .

illustration of acceptance concept. word concept .

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