After several months I’ve finally been give my medical diagnosis by the head doctor here….suffer.

I kid you not, i was told that they will prescribe me pain pills but that they will need to “observe” my injury for the next two years and after that ifi a m still in pain, they will consider sending me out to get an mri to examine my injury.

Last year i ended up hurting my knee. At first i thought it was just a sprain. i would ice it, and after a few moths with it not getting better I decided to reach out to an orthopedic specialist to get a diagnosis. he sent me a list of questions and determined that i had torn my mcl. i went to the medical cetner wtih teh information that i had received to see about getting an mri scheduled to confirm my injury and arrange for the procedure needed to repair it. I even offered to use my own health insurance to cover the expense of the exam and procedure. after 5 months of visits to the medical center, an x-ray (I’m baffled by this one) I was schedule with a meeting with the head doctor. I was elated thinking that finally would be getting my mri and moving forward. I would be able to get the repair completed and do my rehab here so that i would be fully healed before getting home.

Well, that didn’t happen. Not wanting to make any waves, I’m just going to live with the prescription of suffering and have scheduled an mri at home after i get out.

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