It always seems as though things get worse before they get better. Then just at the time you throw your hands up a breakthrough happens. I call that period of time immediately before the relief your “oven period”. We all have oven periods. Sometimes its at the oven period that people tend to give up. You have to know that you just have to hold on for the ride and relief and release is near. During this journey, I’ve had many of those days. I’ve held on knowing that this was simply the oven period and it would get HOT! But the heat would not last long and release was on the way. We have to remember that principal everyday.

I am now closer to home in Greenville Illinois at the camp. Believe you me it’s really an all girls camp! You just can’t go home until your time comes. But that’s life. At times we will just have to be uncomfortable. But our faith must stay STRONG. It doesn’t matter what the situation looks like. Just believe that time will heal, comfort, change, bring light to, provide a solution for all that is squeezing us. You have to believe and endure the process. Everything is a process. Trust me, being away from my family is a process that I wish I could skip. But without the process there is no prize. In closing Stay positive, speak life, health, abundance and ban negativity from your mouth and mind. God Bless!

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