March 10, 2015

Send Me An Email In Federal Prison!

Originally I discouraged people from sending me emails because I was limited to 20 minute sessions on the email terminal and I had to share the terminals with 130 other inmates. I now have a device that I can hook up to the terminal via a USB cable and download all of my emails. I can then read and respond to the emails on this device offline.

So I now have plenty of time to read your emails and respond to them. If you have yet to sign up to email me, you can do so at I am located in CA and my registration number is 63423-112. You have to purchase “stamps” to email me. A single stamp is 43 cents but there are volume discounts. When I respond to your email, you will get an email from JPay telling you that you have an email from me. Initially this Email may end up in your junk mail folder. You will have to login at to read the email from me.

I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, email my mom at

David Applegate

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