Seven Months Down


February is here! I’ve completed seven months here. It has been an incredible journey so far. I’ve continued to improve my health, now down over ninety pounds since my arrival. My blood pressure has normalized as well. My heart rate has dropped significantly.

I’ve written over 750 letters, and can so incredibly thankful for all of the friends, family, and business associates that continue to send me letters and books. I’m still reading a lot, and I’ve finished 150 books so far. I’m still in the dish room, having washed over 140,000 trays. I’ve been fortunate to complete a bunch of the programs offered.

They have recently added ham and bacon to the menu which has been a nice treat. I’ve finally received a replacement JP4 music player so I am once again playing music every evening. I’ve settled into a decent routine, work in the mornings, doing outdoor activities in the afternoons (Viticulture, Yard Cleanup in the Nature Garden) and designing new technology, products at night.

I’m excited to get out and implement the ideas that I have come up with. 43% done, 45 weeks to go!

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