As I sit here thinking my mind travels through my great childhood. Although we did not have much money we never knew it. Our house was always full of love, peace and fun. I had the greatest parents in the world and pray that I have been at least half of what they were in raising my brothers and I. I reflect on my high school years and the world that I believed that I would conquer. It’s funny life does get in the way. Often times during this journey I have felt as though I veered off destiny’s course. I am quickly reminded that there are so many more opportunities and the end of this chapter.

It is critical to have faith, desires and dreams. Even though I sit today at a women’s camp which replicates high school and all the craziness you remember about it, my mind furloughs to a time in the near future when I will have the chance to pursue and accomplish some lost dreams of yesterday.

All things are possible if you believe. I do believe that I have a lot of ground still to cover. I will cover it and paint it with my rainbow of colors. No matter the storms just have the faith that it isn’t over until you leave this earth. In all things death is the great equalizer. So until that time stomp on doubt, fear, worry, criticism and shame! Live you life to the best of your ability. Live it freely! Yes, now that’s something to think about!

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