I have always believed in  “I can show you better than I can tell you”.  My mother use to say :Talk is cheap, anyone can say things, it’s the ACTIONS that count”!  I have lived my life by that principle.  We as humans are believable and eloquent with words.  Just look at politicians they say everything they know you want to hear on their campaign trails!  Yet when some of them ok, ok, when the majority of them get in office very little to nill of the words or promises they made actually materialize.  That’s because “Talk Is Cheap”!  In my book, I’d rather say NOTHING BUT SHOW you Everything. We all create concepts, verbalize the next great ideal and are full of aspirations.  We speak the buzz words However, there is a huge space between WORDS and ACTIONS!  As long as we are in talking mode we NEVER do!  So lets change that!  Let’s subscribe to less talk and MORE DO!  A lot of people hit hard times and in their reflective periods say ” When I get through this I’m Gonna……….!!  Somehow 3 years later the “Gonna Do” NEVER materializes!  In my former life , I represented hundreds of divorce clients and “I LOVE YOU” had been worded throughout the marriage.  But somehow those were just words.  Unfortunately EMPTY words.  Why?!!!!  Because talk is CHEAP!  Words are a Penny a pound!  Unless we learn to PUT the Velocity and action behind what we say then we to fall victim to the “Talk is Cheap Epidemic”!  My goal is to do LESS Talking and More Action.  I’m going to USE up that space between Words and ACTION.  Will you join me in this movement??!!!!

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