Have you ever said "YES" to something or someone and then not one minute later you punish yourself for saying "YES"?  These scenes play out day after day and over and over in our lives and we continue to repeat the "YESism's"!

The next time you say YES to something or someone that you don't want to remember that it is a form of "self-abuse".

Yes, (no pun intended) there are times when we have to say "YES" to things we don't want to do out of family obligation, work requirements or otherwise. Therefore, "YES" may be required.   However, for the times when we say YES and it's NOT out of obligation, STOP IT!!!!

Casually saying YES out of habit is both dangerous and detrimental to our elf-esteem and sense of being.  I USE to say "YES" to things that I know I didn't want to or agree to attend events I did not want to attend.  During my sabbatical I have made a conscious decision to become a close companion of "NO".  Sometimes the request is seemingly innocent BUT God always gives us signs to choose and do otherwise.  Unfortunately, we also have the power of free will and choice.  It is critical for us to get in touch with our inner compass so that we can answer YES or NO appropriately.

One reason that we fall prey to the "YES" disease is the condition of "acceptance".  The thought goes something like this "  if I say NO then I will hurt his/her feelings"  or they will be made at me if I don't say "YES".  Well the "YES" disease has been cured!  The antidote is this........Repeat after me......


I don't have time or the energy to beat me down on my poor decisions

Therefore, unless its out of love, obligation, Godly sacrifice or some other higher order type requirements I WILL NOT SAY YES unless I WANT TO!

I will not be cajoled  by  my thoughts that I MUST say "YES" to every request made of me.

Before I say "YES" to anything going forward I will consult with "ME" first to decide if this "YES" is what's best for "ME"

This is MY covenant and declaration to "ME" on this day!

Now go and practice your new found FREEDOM from "YES" because after practicing it this WEEK I feel LIBERATED!!!

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