Time Changes Everything

A close friend of mine told me a couple of weeks ago that he used to buy hay for his employer. Each month my friend would go meet an old gentleman who was a hay broker. They would then go look at several fields of hay. After checking all the fields they would choose the best hay and broker a deal with the owner of the hay. They did this every month for several years. At the end of every visit the old gentleman would say to my friend “time changes everything”. When my friend related that story to me, that phrase took on new meaning, especially in the light of a 30 month sentence to a Federal prison camp.

I’m not a young man. I’m currently 63 years old so by the time I finish serving my sentence I will be 66 years old. As I reflect upon my life now, the truthfulness of that simple quote “Time Changes Everything” really hits home.

There have been times in my life when I thought everything was almost perfect. During those times I didn’t want time to change anything. There have also been times in my life when things were absolutely terrible—way less than perfect. During those times I wanted time to change everything. But I have found out, with absolute certainty, that we don’t actually control many of the variables of our lives. We mostly can only influence them, over time, and it ‘changes everything’ just as the old man said.

Yesterday, I watched the final round of the Masters. I love golf and this is golf at its absolute best. I watched one of golf’s most talented young golfers, Jordon Spieth, playing incredibly well. Jordon had won the Masters last year and had just made 4 birdies in a row. He was leading the field by 4 strokes with nine holes left. I would have bet my friend’s ranch that he was going to win going away. I then had a phone call and left the room for 30 minutes. When I returned my friend said, “you won’t believe what just happened in the last 30 minutes”. Well, Time Changed Everything for young Jordon. He had two bogeys and then hit two tee shots in the water—ending up with a quadruple bogey. Yes, in 30 minutes he had lost six strokes and now was in third place. He tried valiantly to come back but ended up losing the Masters by three strokes.

In this example Time Changed Everything very quickly. We’ve all experienced Time Changing Everything very quickly in our lives and very slowly as well.

In my next blogs, I will tell some personal stories of lessons I’ve learned how this truth that Time Changes Everything can be used for our benefit or to our detriment.

Stay Tuned…



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