Time Changes Everything – Part 2

Many years ago when I was a teenager I found myself saying “I can’t wait till I’m older and I can have my own car.” Interestingly enough, when I was older and could drive a car, I found myself saying “I can’t wait till I graduate from high school and I can move away from home.” I think you get the point; I was always hoping for a ‘better’ future to come, and because of that, I missed out on some of the things that were happening at the current time. I didn’t appreciate them fully, or make the most of them.

Not surprisingly, now that I’m older, I find myself saying “I wish that I were young again.” Why is it that we are continually wanting time to give us something different?

Now that I’ve been sentenced to a Federal Prison Camp for 36 months, I find myself saying “I can’t wait to complete my sentence so I can move onto the next phase of my life.” Time will come and go in our lives, that is certain. Will we continually be looking into the future for greater or better things or will we live in memories of the past, or will we chose to focus on making the most of the present? I’m starting to realize the best way to assure my future is focus on what it is I’m going to do with the time I have been given right now—always answering the question, what is the right or best thing to do now?

Although I never planned or thought I would be spending time in a Federal Prison camp, I have, with the help of others, decided to make the most of this time of my life. Yes, time does change everything, but it is up to us to make certain it changes our lives for the better.

In my next blog, I outline some of my goals for the time that I will spend at Camp

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Your responses and thoughts are certainly welcome.


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