100 pounds!

Ever wonder what ten years of litigation, indictment, building a new company from the ground up, sentencing and preparing for prison will do to you? well, i woke up heading to prison after a decade of incredible stress, incredibly unhealthy and extremely overweight.

The combination of bad eating habits, stress, no sleep, no exercise had really taken its toll on me.

10 1/2 months after arriving here, I have achieved a major milestone. I’ve lost 100 pounds. In addition to a dramatic loss of weight, I have significantly improved my resting heart rate (now in the low 60’s) and my blood pressure (most recently 117/77) I’m excited to have my cholesterol tested when I get home.

While I still tend to work a lot while here, often until 4am, I have been able to get a lot more sleep (did I mention how wonderful naps are)

My knee injury as prevented me from doing a lot of exercises and activities, i am able to use the medicine balls, stationary bike and pull up bars. I’m working out 5 to 6 days a week. I’ve also improved my diet quite a bit, often consuming less than 2000 calories a day and cutting out a lot of wheat and sugar.

My ultimate goal is to leave here 130 pounds lighter than when i arrived, and now that the stress of the civil and criminal cases is over, i can move on with my life and continue my new healthier lifestyle.

It is never too late to start preparing…Download Lessons From Prison Now to discover what is truly possible in federal prison.

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