I attended a federal sentencing hearing in front of Judge David Carter at the United States Court House in Santa Ana, on February 25. The sentencing hearing began at 9am, then was continued to yesterday, March 2nd.

I attended to support our mitigation and federal prison consulting client who was facing a sentence of 51-61 months in federal prison for a white collar crime.

This was an interesting federal sentencing hearing, to say the least!

In this video, I breakdown what happened at each stage of the sentencing hearing, including:

Why the government was seeking a federal prison sentence of 51 months.
What specifically Judge Carter said to both the government and criminal defense attorney, Peter Hardin.
How Judge Carter responded when he learned this case had gone on for more than five years.
How Judge Carter views the family of a white collar defendant (or any defendant).
Tactics the government will deploy during sentencing to try to justify a longer federal prison sentence.
The importance of the personal narrative and statement made at sentencing, including why the narrative and statement must align.
The ultimate sentence and the Judge’s reasoning behind the sentence.
And more!

I hope you find value in this new sentencing video.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny

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